Must Read Warning


Long, long ago, in a land of mystery lived a man … oh, never mind. My name is Repen T. OrBurn, and yes, that is indeed a pseudonym (i.e. pen-name).

I will not reveal my true identity, partly due to being a stickler for privacy, partly due to many of my works being extremely controversial (i.e. radically Biblical) and partly due to the fact that I do not want my readers to respect or adhere to the teachings contained in my works for any other reason than that such contain the Biblical truth. In short, I would like my works to be judged on their content and not on the various qualifications I possess. However, I will reveal a bit about myself in the following paragraphs, just enough in fact to allow my parents to almost be sure this is an auto-biography of their son, yet not enough for even my closest friends to have even an inkling that such refers to me.

I was conceived out of wedlock and born in a country that neither of my self-worshipping humanist parents lived in strangely enough. My parents divorced when I was young and I lived in multiple cities and attended multiple schools during my formative years (as many children and teenagers do in this day and age). During my senior year of high school I not only met the girl who would become my wife, but I repented of my sins, fell in love with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth, dedicated my life to the One true God of the Bible and was truly born again (in the Biblical sense, not the modern country-club-Christianity sense).

After marrying my high school sweetheart and graduating from an accredited secular college, the Lord blessed me with the first arrow in what would become a true quiver full of amazing and godly children. I later graduated from an accredited Bible college, and then a religiously-accredited Christian university (as I couldn’t afford an accredited one at that time but wanted to further my education nonetheless), both of which taught me less than I would have learned from one simple reading through of God’s word. Today I am working towards my PhD from an accredited and widely respected secular university, though I still have no doubt that I can and do gain more wisdom and knowledge from a simple reading through of God’s word than even the best university education can provide.

To date, my wife, children and I have lived and ministered in multiple countries and experienced both the blessings of the Lord and the wrath of the ungodly. We have lost jobs, lands, homes, friends and family and even had our lives threatened due to our strong stand for the Lord and His word, yet we have also been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations as well, time and time again. Through all of these trials, tribulations, storms, valleys, blessings, adventures, journeys and sojourns, one thing has remained the same, namely that God has never left nor forsaken us, has always kept us in the palm of His hand, and continuously sees to it that His perfect will is fulfilled in our lives.

I have served the Lord as a street and drama evangelist, Sunday school teacher, youth pastor, senior pastor and overseas missionary, as well as in various other positions. However, at this time in my life, I am dedicated to my writing ministry full-time and thankful that God in His grace and goodness has called me to such a ministry and allowed me to continue in it. I have no greater goal or dream, other than to simply see God’s will done, whatever that may be and whether I understand it or not.

In the one true God’s employ,

Repen T. OrBurn

© 2013 Repen T. OrBurn. All Rights Reserved.